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Bankstown Sand & Cement is the sand supplier in Bankstown! We have a huge range of sand and gravel products for your DIYs or commercial projects. Working with only the most trusted brands wihtin the industry, we can ensure a job that is natural, sustainable and will stand the test of time!  Stop in at Bankstown today and see for yourself.



Our Stock

At Bankstown Sand & Cement, we don’t just do sand, we have a fantastic range of:

  • Building supplies
  • Retaining wall
  • Plastering and concreting
  • Roadbase
  • Steel mesh and lintels
  • Sand soil and metal
  • Hardware and general
  • Radio controlled trucks


Our Services

We supply Sand, Soils, Gravel, Cement and many other building, hardware and landscape supplies which can be picked up at our yard, as well as delivering to Sydney wide 6 days a week, providing various delivery options in order to suit your needs.

We Can Help

The team at Bankstown Sand & Cement can help you put the finishing touch on your project. 

Stop in and see Bankstown Sand & Cement, the sand supplier in Bankstown today, and see our huge range of products.

Loads big and small - we do them all!